Lotus Goddess


The spiritual symbolism of the lotus also had strong meaning amongst the ancient Egyptians. There are countless hieroglyphics that depict the lotus flower, and as with many other cultures, it is a symbol of rebirth. Because the lotus flower closes its petals at night and emerges back into the murky waters from which it came, then rises up again out of the water at dawn to bloom, the spiritual traditions of the Egyptians hold the lotus to represent the sun. This moves even deeper in symbolism to represent creation and the idea of rebirth.

As one of the most revered spiritual symbols, the lotus flower is held sacred by many cultures and people throughout the world. Of all the lotus flower symbolism, rebirth and purity are perhaps the most powerful symbols of all. This is because the lotus rises from muddy waters and blooms as a brilliantly pure, gorgeous flower. The lotus is also thought of as a symbol of human consciousness on the path to spiritual enlightenment.
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