KafeNubia has been operating in one form or fashion for about 10yrs. KafeNubia previously known as CafeNubia ,was started with the concept of a triad of platforms.Fashion,Education,and Music.
KafeNubia was originated by AmonHu. His love of culture and realization that , more fashions and apparel were needed as an option for people of color, apparel that connects them to their roots , was one of his initial motivations for starting this business. 
KafeNubia Clothing and Accessories Division delivers the latest fashions with superb quality incorporating innovative multicultural designs and fabrics that are heavenly soft at a value that is second to none. Our outstanding color palette, up to date styles and fit continue to define us as quality supplier of cultural fashion apparel in the US market. Next Kafe Nubia is committed to the highest standards in every aspect of our business. From designing to customer service and shipping, every individual is dedicated to delivering our top line of versatile fashion basics at an outstanding value with the highest level of quality and service. KafeNubia is dedicated to ethical standards of conduct; we respect the rights of all individuals and care for the environment. In addition to being sweat shop free and child labor free, we take social responsibility in everything we do. Our continuing growth and recognition as a supplier of multicultural fashion KafeNubia is a testament to our hard work and dedication. We do this with our most important asset in mind- you, our customer.